Payment security

Enhanced Data Security Standards, Ensured Safety

Remote account opening

Fast, easy and reliable process to get your own IBAN


Servicing both personal and corporate accounts


Improved IBANs: Your convenient and secure method for sending and receiving payments. We simplify transactions for everyday matters while strictly adhering to industry standards and regulations. We prioritise delivering quality service and value to all our clients, including individuals and online merchants.


  • Convenient & Intuitive Interface
    User-Friendly Interface – Designed for ease of use, providing an intuitive payment experience

  • All-in-one Account Management
    Monitor and manage daily financial activities with full control of your balance and accounts. Manage multiple IBANs from a single login

  • Secure Transaction Processing System
    Advanced and encrypted solution to store, retrieve and transfer sensitive data

    • Multiple Payment Options
      Make any type of transfer or payments: SEPA transfers, internal transfer, SEPA instant, mass payments and more

Instant Payments

  • Payments are instantly processed: 24 hours a day/365 days a year
  • beneficiary receives it in less than 1 minute

  • No more waiting for office hours

Use our API

Enhance the user experience for your customers, gain enhanced access to data, and customize your own tools with our fully documented API, which allows you to:

  • Make automated single and batch payments

  • Check accounts balances and history

  • Easily integrate in their own backoffice or CRM

  • Totally automate payouts and deposits

  • Manual mass processing of payouts via CSV file upload also available

Payment Gateway

Payment processing solution that allows you to accept online credit card payments from your customers. Start accepting payments through your website or app

  • Integrate debit and credit card payments with just a few clicks
  • Optimize conversions with easy checkout
  • Fraud and chargeback management
  • Recurring billing

  • Compliant with security standards


Settlement accounts

Supports new and existing businesses

Segregated accounts

To meet different needs

Payment accounts

Convenient and reliable SEPA transfers

Instant transfers

Internal transfers are just one click away

Custom IBAN

Tailored to your business

Licensed and regulated

Payment Services provided by EU licensed EMI

Monetum Pay offers you payment services for FIAT money, if you want to trade with crypto, you can do it at:


Your convenient and reliable method to send and receive payments from anywhere and in multiple ways


  • Account Opening – FREE
  • SEPA IN – €0.50
  • SEPA OUT – €0.50
  • Internal Transfers – FREE


The payment services you need to scale your business.
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